Sustainability policy

Palvelukeskus Helsinki strives to operate and provide services in an economically, environmentally and humanly sustainable manner. Palvelukeskus Helsinki’s sustainability management tool is the sustainability programme, which is updated every three years and covers the most significant and effective areas of sustainability. Launched in 2022, the new sustainability programme challenges Palvelukeskus Helsinki to do sustainability work on a larger scale and more ambitiously: The focus is on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, responding to the climate emergency, sustainable and impactful procurements, and promoting occupational well-being, diversity and inclusion.

Focus on the well-being of the environment and the climate

Palvelukeskus Helsinki was awarded the EcoCompass environmental certificate in 2017, and EcoCompass environmental work has continued ever since. However, in addition to the EcoCompass work, the well-being of the environment and the climate is extremely important to us, which is why it is reflected in our operations every day. Taking environmental and climate issues into account is the responsibility of each of Palvelukeskus Helsinki’s top professionals, whose duties include developing environmentally- and climate-friendly recipes, ensuring sustainable and impactful procurements, promoting carbon-neutrality at Palvelukeskus Helsinki and in the City of Helsinki, ensuring low-emission transport, preventing food waste and cooperating for the well-being of the environment and the climate at both national and international levels.

Responsible employer and partner

Palvelukeskus Helsinki equals skilled employees. We would be nothing without our skilled and well-liked staff. This is why it is particularly important for us to take care of the staff’s safety, well-being and ability to work. We offer permanent employment, support our employees’ health, safety and ability to cope with work, improve occupational safety and invest in the development of staff competence by supporting career paths and training. In the development of leadership skills and work community practices, we are guided by the cornerstones of management introduced at the City of Helsinki in 2020. In promoting equality, non-discrimination and diversity, we adhere to the ethical principles of the City of Helsinki.

At Palvelukeskus Helsinki, forward-looking safety thinking and risk management are spearheading the operations. For us, safety means keeping the number and magnitude of threats and accidents as low as possible. Strong safety management ensures Palvelukeskus Helsinki’s ability to function and preparedness in challenging exceptional situations such as the pandemic.

Economic responsibility

Ensuring the profitability of operations is important to Palvelukeskus Helsinki, so that we will continue to be a viable player in the future. Economic responsibility also means that we are accountable to the residents and the City of Helsinki for ensuring that the services are planned and implemented economically and sensibly.

With responsible financial management, we are pursuing the common interest of Helsinki residents. Financial responsibility is supported by, for example, the efficient use of raw materials, efficient working methods, timely tendering of contracts, contract purchasing and rationalisation of transport. In turn, well-being at work has an impact on the amount of sick leave and disability pensions. By decreasing these and increasing well-being, we can influence our employer image, competitiveness and results.