The service history of Palvelukeskus Helsinki goes back more than 100 years. The first services we produced were food services. In 2023, we continue to be involved in the daily lives of the city’s residents, and in addition to food and cleaning services, we produce telephone and wellbeing services as well as lobby services for Helsinki residents and the City of Helsinki’s divisions with our more than 1,600 employees. Our sustainability can be seen on many different levels: We set long-term goals for the operations of Palvelukeskus Helsinki and define measures to support them. In addition, we participate in several joint working groups to promote and build a city where sustainable solutions and responsible choices support our daily lives at different stages of life.

For us, sustainability means doing the right thing, but also development that requires courage and effort. At Palvelukeskus Helsinki, the term sustainability encompasses three areas of sustainable development: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and financial sustainability. It also involves examining the impacts of our operations at the city level, nationally and globally. We have come a long way in our sustainability work, but we are nowhere near done. After all, we want to advance sustainability on an even bigger and bolder scale together with Helsinki residents, the City of Helsinki’s divisions and our partners. Join us on our journey!

Transparency is the cornerstone of our sustainability work

Our sustainability website was built just for you. We want to be as open as possible about all our sustainability work and our progress in it, taking challenges and successes into account. We also want to offer you the opportunity to contact us for more information or to challenge us to new acts of sustainability.

On this website, you can always find our most up-to-date sustainability policy, sustainability programme, Code of Conduct and numerous stories about our everyday sustainability work. If you have any questions or want to contact us on other matters related to sustainability, you can reach us through our contact form (opens in a new tab).